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Does Any Of  This Sound Like You?

*  Do you have pain in your lower back which just isn’t going?

*  Have you been to lots of Clinics which havent given you any relief?

*  Have you stopped doing your favourite activities

*  Do you get up in the morning with your back aching and feeling that its never going to go away

*  Have you been told It’s your age and you just have to accept it?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may have found the answer to your back pain at Laurens Holve Healthcare

5 Ways To Help Your Low Back Pain

LOW BACK PAIN 5 5 Simple Ways To Help Reduce Your Low Back Pain, Without Medication or Surgery

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A man with Spondylolisthesis experiencing back pain sitting on a couch.
A man demonstrating simple ways to reduce low back pain without medication or surgery.

If you’ve got lower back pain, its tempting just to wait and see if it goes on its own accord.  After all in the past it lasted a few days or a week and slowly went. 

There is no obvious reason why it has happened – but it doesn’t seem to be shifting and it’s been there a good while.  Once your low back pain has been there a few weeks it is unlikely to go without treatment. Unfortunately when a back has been there for a bit of time it needs intevention to prevent it staying there for good.

A common story I hear all the time is when people go to the Doctors, and the Doctor tells them to rest and to take some painkillers and see how it goes. What’s even worse is the Doctor might tell you “what do you expect at your age?”

This is rarely the best advice and often a few weeks later , they end up at the Doctors again because it hasn’t got any better, but if anything worse.

 Sometimes patients are referred to Physio, but the same old thing.  Exercises are shown, and yet patients are in an never ending cascade of pain and limitation.  This explains why so many people over 40 are suffering long term back pain when patients eventually come and see us.

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