Here you’ll find all our videos about exercises. They are subdivided into different sections starting in the neck and then moving down the body.  The selection is fairly comprehensive but more exercises will be added in time.

Exercises form a crucial link with treatment. Your response to treatment and your long term prospects can be greatly enhanced by following a simple prescription of exercises and will ensure long term well being.

The exercises below are mainly used in rehabilitation but bespoke exercise routines can be given to improve aerobic fitness which is known to benefit  both your cardiovascular system, as well as impoving your mental health ensuring better moods and improved sleep.

Exercises Videos For Painful and/ or Restricted Neck

These Neck Exercises can be used once or twice a day.  Usually a set of 10 repeated once or twice

Head Flexion and Extension

Use this exercise everyday for chronic pain.

Neck Protraction & Retraction

Use this exercise everyday for chronic pain.

Neck Rotation

Use this exercise everyday for chronic pain. 

Neck Sidebending

Use this exercise everyday for chronic pain. 


Shoulder Shrugs 

Use this exercise everyday for chronic pain. 

Exercise Videos For Shoulder Pain/ Restrictions

These videos can be very helpful in many forms of shoulder problems including Impingement and Frozen Shoulder

General Mobility

This is good for any general shoulder restriction eg frozen shoulder

Stretch Shoulder Joint

Good For a restricted shoulder 

Walking Hand up Wall

Use this is very difficult to move arm/shoulder

Flag Waving

A good rehabilitation exercise to help improve movement

Internal and External rotation of shoulder

Videos Showing Core Exercises

These are basic core exercises easy to perform at home. They can help stabilize the lower back and will certainly firm your stomach.

Pushing back into Floor

Modified Crunch

Moving up whilst sliding hands up legs

Tougher Crunch 

Arms across chest and bending up

Core Exercise with Swiss Ball


Videos Showing Lower Back Stretches

These lower back stretches are nearly always used in all forms of lower back pain. The first one in the series is used in acute pain and can be used to gently get the back moving and mobilising it in an easy fashion. 

For Acute Back Pain

Rock Back and Forth over heels

Knee Hugs

Lying on your back and stretching.

Back Rotations

Legs Side to Side

Stretching Sciatic Nerve


Low Back Stabalisation

Strengthening Lower Back during Rehabilitation

Videos Showing Hip Exercises

These Exercises are all useful in restricted hips and can be helpful in Osteoarthritis.

 Hip Mobility Exercise


Psoas Stretch


Hip Flexor Stretch

Used for a very painful hip


Hamstring Stretch


Hip Clams

Used for Stiff hips eg Osteoarthritis 

Videos Showing Knee Exercise

These exercises are useful not just in weakness, but also osteoarthritis and cartilage damage as the knee relies on strong quadriceps to help reduces forces going through it.

Basic Quad Strengthening

Standing Quads Exercise 

Standing Quads with Swiss Ball


Step ups for Quadriceps

Decline Squats

Used for Patella Tendinopathy 

Videos Showing Foot and Ankle Exercises

These exercises are all helful in both mobilising the ankle and helping the very common problem of Achilles Tendinopathy.

Gastronemius Stretch

Useful in Heel pain (Plantar Fascitis)

Exercise for pain back of heel. Achilles stretch

Exercise for Achilles Tendinopathy

Step ups for Quadriceps

Achilles and Ankle Stretch