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Back Pain From Standing

A woman experiencing back pain from standing seeks relief while sitting on a couch.

Some Causes of Back Pain From Standing

Lower Back Pain is a very common condition affecting at least 80% of us sometime in our life as shown by the Instute of Orthopaedics.

Generally and it may seem obvious , but when you walk or stand increase forces from gravity travel through our spine and are disipitated through the pelvis and legs. The brunt of the forces in the spine are at its lower end – the base of the spine, and at the base of the neck where it joins onto the trunk. That is why these are where we experience most of our back problems.

There are some specific predisposing factors which can make back pain worse

  • Sprains from stretched or aggravated ligaments
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Degeneration or Osteoarthritis of the spinal called facet joints
  • Spinal stenois where there is compression of nerves due to narrowing of spaces called nerve foramina in the spine.
  • A history of Back Pain. If you have suffered back pain in your life this is likely to continue at sporadic intervals

Home Treatment For Your Low Back Pain

  • Relax! Many times just sitting down is enough to alter forces and take pressure of the areas that are causing the problems.


  • Loose weight: For obvious reasons the less weight you have travelling through the lower parts of your spine, and so will help all your symptoms


  • Use heat packs: These help when place on the back and help releive muscle spasm. A hot shower in the morning can work wonders for morning stiffness and it uses less hot water than a bath, and of course you dont have to clamber in and out!


  • Exercise and Stretching: exercise always helps, it doesnt matter so much what you do as long as you do it. Stretches particularly to the lower back can be of significant help.


  • Matress support: If you dont sleep well consider the matress. Is it old, is it too soft?

What Happens if Self Help Doesn't Help My Back Pain?

  • Massage: General relaxation massages can be of benefit, but massage is usually of only short term benefit as structural and mechanical issues are not addressed
  • .
  • Physical Treatment like Osteopathy, involves such things as joint mobilization, manipulative techniques posture and exercise advice.
  • Acupuncture can help reduce pain, muscle spasm and inflammation to alleviate low back pain, and can be particularly useful if the back is too sore to be manipulated or there is a lot of shooting or nerve pain such as Sciatica


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