Foot Pain

Do You Have These Signs ?

Our feet are the connection between our body and the ground we interact with when training or competing.

So it should come as no surprise that how your feet interact with the ground, their positioning and stability when doing so can have wide reaching affects up through your whole body.

Research has demonstrated that altered foot posture can be a factor in injuries and pain as high up as the low back.

Common signs of possible biomechanical issues in the feet include:

· Flat feet or low arches

·Very high arches

·Big toes pointing outwards

·Bunions and calluses

·Feet turned in (pigeon toed) or out

·Knock or bowed knees

Poor foot posture is a risk factor for a number of problems including heel spurs, shin splintsanterior knee pain, hip  and low back pain. For many people this may not become apparent till a change or increase in their training program causes an aggravation in these areas. You can have a look where I explain in a little more details conditions that affect both the foot and ankle here.

For this reason prescreening is essential to discover whether you are at risk of any of these problems. By performing a thorough force plate and physical assessment therapists can determine what factors predispose you to injury and help you prevent them from causing problems.

So if you have any of the signs above or experienced pain in your legs and back book in for an assessment today at either the North London Office or at York Clinic, Woking Surrey. By targeting underlying issues you can optimally treat or even prevent an injury affecting your work, life or training.